D4rk Fcker


Doors Features


Fly will allow you to fly all over the map. It also got a keybind


Noclip will allow you to walk through walls. This features has keybind

Enable Jump

This script will allow you to jump.

Speed Changer

Change your sovement speed.

Adjustable Speed Changer

Smooth FOV

Will make your field of view bigger.

Adjustable Fly Speed

Flashlight range

Make you're flashlight ranger bigger.

Instant interact

Allow you to instant interact with everything.

Get Flashlight

Allow you to get flashlight anytime.

Infinite Lighter

Allow you to use lighter forever in game.

Full Bright

Make dark room bright so you can see everything.

Remove walls

Allow you to remove every walls.

Chase Notification

Send a Notification everytime an chase start.

Avoid Rush & Ambush

Save you everytime a rush and ambush are coming.

No heartbeat game

Remove the beatheart game once ur in closet.

Remove Seek

Remove any seek of the game.

Delete Vent

Delete every vent of the map.

Bypass glitch attack

Bypass any glitch attack.

Bypass screech attack

Bypass any screech attack (the shhh eyes).

Bypass spider attack

Bypass any spider attack from the game.

Open room 50 door

Open the library doors automaticly.

Delete cutscene

Remove game cutscene (Don't need to wait).

Monster esp

Will esp the monster figure.

Rush esp

Will esp rush.

Ambush esp

Will esp ambush.

Blye eye esp

Will esp blue eye

Good doors esp

Will esp the real doors.

Key esp

Will esp the key.

Lever for gate esp

Will esp the lever for gate.

Hint book room 50 esp

Will esp hint book room 50.

Open eletric door

Will open electric doors.

Complete elevator breaker

Will complete the elevator code for you.

Get elevator code

Will send you Notification with all code for elevator.

Auto complete game

Complete the game for you.

Auto loot drawers

Will auto loot drawers for you.

Auto hang pictures

Will automaticly hang pictures for you.

Auto delete gate

Will automaticly delete gate for you.

Auto collect hint book

Will automaticly collect hint book for you.